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We made this animation for our December 2013 advent calendar - a journey through our chromosomes in 24 short films.
Watch the whole series here.
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  • white people talking about the racism they experienced: i was walking out of walmart and this black girl BUMPED INTO ME and i nicely apologized but she called her 9 black brothers over to BEAT ME UP they called me a SNOWMAN because im WHITE and then these black police officers came and BEAT ME TOO and an alien spaceship full of latinos and asians landed and they called me a cracker and cheered on the blacks! racism against white people IS REAL
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"don’t fight hate with hate"
white people that have never had to fight for their humanity  (via majiinboo)

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things girls are made to feel ashamed of-

  • having periods
  • choosing what they want to wear on their body
  • wanting to/not wanting to have sex
  • putting boys in the ‘friendzone’
  • standing up against misogyny
  • ruining a boy’s life by telling the police that he raped her
  • abortion
  • having hair on their body
  • not appreciating catcalls
  • not appreciating chivalry
  • having control over their own fucking body

basically living

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